Wholesale Fulfillment

  1. Our system allows to fulfill in any unit size, including singles, packs, cases, boxes which makes your operations very cost effective.
  2. Each order has an individual pack list with information about factual shipment contents that will allow you to adjust your final invoice.
  3. We will follow precisely your packaging instructions and accommodate your recipient requirements as well (amazon, walgreens, other major retailers)
  4. We can receive international shipments and will provide you with brokerage and customs support
  5. We work with many LTL carriers and we can ship with third party billing carriers, your chosen carrier or arrange shipment with our partner carrier.
  6. We will accommodate your special requests on kitting, packing, re-packing, unpacking.
  7. If needed our system allows keeping inventory in several virtual warehouses for separate distribution channels.
  8. You will be provided with a dedicated account manager and real time reporting via online portal.